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Odd Masks Being Received by Citizens from China

First it was seeds, now it’s masks.

More and more people are reporting receiving unsolicited masks from China in the mail.

“The problem that we have is when they’ve actually sent merchandise to an address that did not order it,” said Tony Robinson with the Postal Inspection Service.

Robinson said packages like these could be part of a scam.

“There are scammers who will send items to unsuspecting customers, and then come back later on and try to collect money for those packages as if they owed something for them,” he said.

There are several different scams that are possible with unordered items.

“The other caveat is you may have a customer that orders something from a company and the company, instead of sending the item to the address of the customer, they send it through to a third party, but instead of the actual merchandise, they send trinkets,” he said.

Robinson says to contact the postal inspectors if someone receives a package they think is part of a fraud scheme. He said they use these reports to investigate the fraud cases. Robinson said to call 877-876-2455 or go to ftc.gov. He also said a person can turn down an unopened package.

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