Trump to Distribute $35 Million to Fight Human Trafficking

On Tuesday, the Trump administration awarded $35 million in Justice Department grants to organizations that offer safe housing to those who are survivors of human trafficking.

An event is being held the White House that will be attended by  Attorney General William Barr, presidential adviser Ivanka Trump, other administration officials, survivors of human trafficking and organizations that serve them.

The grants are being awarded to 77 organizations across 33 states that provide 6 to 24 months of affordable short-term housing to human trafficking survivors, which can also be used on utilities, security deposits, and other housing related expenses.

President Trump has made the fight against human trafficking in the United States one of the higher priorities of his administration.

Ivanka Trump believes that the coronavirus pandemic has made safe housing for survivors more important than ever with stay-at-home orders and high unemployment.

“The administration has heard these concerns and is responding by awarding leading nonprofit organizations the necessary funding to ensure that survivors have a stable place to live,” Ivanka Trump said in a statement.

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