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Baldwyn’s Claude Gentry Theatre lights up with “Ring of Fire”

Baldwyn’s Claude Gentry theate is bringing the music of Johnny Cash to the stage in a first rate musical production that pays tribute to the Man in Black’s life with an assortment of his most famous musical numbers.

The show, which opened Thursday night and will play to a sellout crowd through Saturday, begins with a signature Cash line: “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash” and is repeated by members of the ensemble cast.

The show, based on the Broadway musical, doesn’t have any one actor playing Cash but instead tells his life story through song.

Twelve different local actors and actresses and seven musicians take to the stage to perform 38 Cash classics including duets like “Carpenter” and “Jackson” as well as ensemble pieces such as “I’m going to Memphis” and the titular “Ring of Fire.”

The musical stylings and mannerisms of Johnny Cash are on full display with the male actors representing Cash throughout his life: a just getting started Cash (played by Chance Moore), a Grand Ole Opry Cash (Clark Richey) and a later years Cash (Robert Farrow).

Meanwhile, several talented actresses tackle roles meant to represent June Carter Cash with Kayla Myers, Amy Gousset Patti Roberts and Darlene Griffin performing various tunes sure to bring a smile to the audience.

Audiences young and old are set to enjoy the music as well as the tribute to one of America’s musical icons. Ring of Fire is a complete sell out, but check out the Prentiss County News Facebook page for pictures and video from the performance.

Jon R Myers

Jon R Myers is the executive editor of the Mississippi News Group.

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