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Booneville man charged for bringing drugs in to jail

A Booneville man is in custody after being caught bringing drugs into a jail after he was arrested.

According to the Tishomingo county sheriffs office:

On November 24, 2018, Tishomingo Sheriff’s Office has charged a man for bringing narcotics/paraphernalia into the Tishomingo County Jail.  The man, DANIEL CRAIG RAPER, was brought in on outstanding ARREST WARRANTS.  The narcotics/paraphernalia was hidden in the clothing of RAPER.

DANIEL CRAIG RAPER, 39-year-old, white male of 404 West North Street Booneville, Mississippi was officially charged with FELONY INTRODUCTION OF NARCOTICS INTO A CORRECTIONAL FACILITY.  RAPER remains in the custody of the Tishomingo County Jail awaiting bond to be set by Justice Court.

Jon R Myers

Jon R Myers is the executive editor of the Mississippi News Group.

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