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Prentiss County showing 12 cases of COVID19 at nursing homes in county

Prentiss County is showing two nursing home outbreaks in the county resulting in 12 cases at those facilities, according to a Tuesday report from the MSDH. The report does not list the facilities by name where the outbreaks have occured.

This as Mississippi is approaching 5000 cases and 200 deaths.

From the MSDH:

Long-term care (LTC) facilities like nursing homes are considered high risk locations because their residents are older or in poor health. Even one case of COVID-19 in these facilities among residents or employees is considered an outbreak. We investigate residents, staff and close contacts of infected individuals for possible exposure.

You can see a complete list of LTC facility casesa at the link below.


Jon R Myers

Jon R Myers is the executive editor of the Mississippi News Group.

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